What's a Malfatti?

This is the short story...

Invented by Theresa Tamburelli in the late 1920's at the historic Depot Restaurant in Napa, CA. Out of Ravioli with a hungry San Francisco baseball team in the restaurant, Mrs. Tamburelli rolled small balls of Ravioli filling through flour, boiled them and douced them in sauce.

The Team loved them and cried out for more. At that time there wasn't an actual name for this product and when asked by the Team what they were eating Mrs. Tamburelli called them Raviolini. As described, the Team chanted for more Raviolini!

Later the family got together and found that the Raviolini were quite a hit. They thought it would be appropriate to name them Malfatti. Malfatti is Italian slang for mistake or bad product. Naming it themselves we know they weren't referring to the product itself, but rather the way in which they were invented. It was quite frankly one of the best "mistakes" Napa has had the pleasure of being a part of.

In 1961 Clemente Cittoni began training under Theresa Tamburelli, her daughter Angie Momsen, and Angie's son Nick Tamburelli. Clemente later bought the restaurant and ran it for many years with his family and close friends.

Malfatti is something not heard much outside of Napa except those that have been to Napa or some way or another linked to a recipe passed down between family and friends.

Today Malfatti are vegetarian when ordered with Marinara Sauce and are a fantastic meal to share with family and friends.


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